Part IV. A New Hope

IV. Web Design

I have more than 8 years of strong experience in web design and development. I have worked with clients in real estate, corporate and non-profit institutions. I believe a great website is accessible, user-centric, visually engaging and tells the right story.

I welcome new technology and available resources. I don’t use the latest trick just because I can —I use it to help support the story being told. I don’t have a particular style I stick with. I like Kawaii designs as well as blue-red-corporate or green-leafy-earth-friendly designs. I like black & white minimal or mechanical futuristic designs. I like content generated on-the-fly sites. I like content heavy static sites. I like pretty things. What I don’t like is the look and function of a website that doesn’t serve its purpose…a website that’s pretty on the outside but empty inside.

I love change. I am ready for my next challenge. Are you?

Web Portfolio Look

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Woodruff-Fontaine House

HTML5, Wordpress

Woodruff-Fontaine House web site screenshot
Woodruff-Fontaine House website

This website is developed on HTML5 and Wordpress as its CMS engine. I work closely with the client on the visual design, content, and re-organizing its information architecture.

Woodruff-Fontaine House is a historic museum located in the Victorian Village in Memphis, TN. The aesthetic of the website is highly ornamented to mimic the Victorian architecture style of the historic home.

St. Jude Research

Design, XHTML/CSS Development

St. Jude Research website screenshot
St. Jude Research website

St. Jude Research web site provides additional detail for selected departments and faculty of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital that have chosen to develop more exhaustive web content. St. Jude scientists share their work with the world through publication of their studies in respected, peer-reviewed, scientific journals and, if appropriate, by sharing their original data on the Web and host on this web site.

Memphis Coalition for Advancing Networking (MCAN)

Design, XHTML/CSS Development

MCAN website screenshot
Memphis Coalition for Advancing Networking (MCAN) website

The website is created to promote very high speed optical broadband technologies in the Memphis regional area for the scientific research community. My design inspiration came from the fiber optics cable itself. Cyan and lime green color scheme was chosen to draw a common visual clue to high tech I.T. industry.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Design, XHTML/CSS Development

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital website screenshot
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.

H20 Properties

Inactive, Design, XHTML/CSS Development

H2O website screenshot
H2O Properties website

A real estate company specialize in luxury homes in Florida. Web site is currently inactive.

Hartwell Center Project

Design, XHTML/CSS Development

Hartwell Center website screenshot
Hartwell Center website

The Hartwell Center is a unique integration of high-throughput biotechnology resources, bioinformatics resources and academic programs; designed to provide St. Jude with state-of-the-art tools for discovery.

Allen Hoshall

Design, XHTML/CSS Development

Allen Hoshall website screenshot
Allen Hoshall website

A corporate web site for an architectural design company in Memphis, TN. The web site uses Flash and Javascript to showcase diversity of projects the company had completed.

Ozean Development

Design, XHTML/CSS Development

Ozean Development website screenshot
Ozean Development website

Ozean, LLC, based in Destin, Florida, is a real estate development company for the residential, hospitality and commercial industries. The web site uses jQuery and Flash for presentation, and is a single-page style website for easy maintenance due to its small size.

TST Consulting

Design, XHTML/CSS Development, CMS Integration

TST Consulting website screenshot
TST Consulting website

TST Consulting is a IT company that provides information management, information security, and network communication services. TST Consulting is located in Memphis, TN.

Pediatric Cancer Genome Project

Design, XHTML/CSS Development

Pediatric Cancer Genome Project website screenshot
Pediatric Cancer Genome Project website

The Pediatric Cancer Genome Project is the largest research project to date aimed at understanding the genetic origins of pediatric cancers.

Sweetwater Hailey

Design, XHTML/CSS Development, CMS integration

Sweetwater Hailey website screenshot
Sweetwater Hailey website

Sweetwater Hailey is a multi-use development project located in Idaho. The project features luxurious homes with loaded outdoor and indoor amenities. They needed an image not only pretty homes but also as important to depict the energetic community where lifestyle is walkable. I was part of their advertising and marketing campaign team responsible for e-mail ad, web site and interactive sales kiosk.

Animman Studio

Design, XHTML/CSS Development

Animman Studio website screenshot
Animman Studio website

A portfolio web site for Animman Studio.