VI. Return of the True Dough

Part VI. Experimental, Video and Multimedia

This page is primarily dedicated to experimental projects I have done in the past as I don’t write enough to create a blog.

The rise of HTML5 (or just HTML now) has brought us greater possibility for native browser support on richer web experience. One of the biggest spotlight shines on HTML5 is its ability to, with supported browsers natively, view video/audio cross-platformed even in mobile devices without the use of Flash, and also Canvas, SVG to draw and dynamically manipulate graphics even in 3D space. Although it still hasn’t mature, and on the video side, doesn’t offer as much controls for video, also no support in IE below v9... having said all that, the web is heading toward HTML5 full forced no doubt.

Below are some of my experimental HTML5/CSS3 projects as well as some older multimedia things I have done in the past.

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iPad Web App—my latest to-do experiment on the list

Sencha Touch, to-do

Sencha Touch web site, I did not design this web site.
Sencha Touch web site

So yes... here it is, finally my head is out of the sand and ready to put web app on my to-do learning project. I came across Sencha Touch framework and am totally impressed by its capability and ease-of-use for designer. I have some ideas what I want to do already. Stay tuned for more info!

Marketing Team Member Year Book

HTML5, Video, CSS3, jQuery

Marketing Team Member Year Book
Marketing Team Member Year Book

This is a project I created for a client who wants to feature 30 team videos on multiple devices and all modern browsers. At the end, HTML5, jQuery, and jPlayer (for background music) was used to achieve that goal. The page is for internal audiences only, I used FancyBox for navigation, jQuery for device detection and media-queries to optimize page for different screen size. The page plays smoothly on iPad, iPhone OS4, IE7+, Safari and Chrome.

Email me if you want to see.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

CSS3, -webkit-animation

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
-webkit-animation, CSS3

I was inspired by the Falling Leaves animation so I decided to create my own version. This page is best viewed in Safari. Didn’t take long to create and it was fun to have the "froggy" walk across the screen. Obviously, still have a few things to fix, I need to come back and fix the audio on FF.

Whack-A-Mole Flash Game


Whack-a-mole game
Whack-A-Mole Flash Game

This game was a project in my school. It was a lot of fun to create because I got to build it from very beginning. I designed all my characters, scenes, what kind of game levels and wrote the code. Although this is an older project, I still think its fun to share!

AI to Canvas plugin


AI>Canvas plugin
AI>Canvas plugin

This Ai to Canvas plugin is awesome. Just create your own vector art in Illustrator and install plugin .. it will export your illustrations in HTML5 Canvas!